Choose Your Own Adventure: Marrakech by Amanda Mouttaki

Choose Your Own Adventure: Marrakech

Are you overwhelmed planning your trip to Marrakech? Don't be! Discover all the resources you need to get your trip planned today! Choose from themed itineraries or do it yourself options.

What's inside?


Planning Worksheets
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Choose Your Marrakech Adventure
Choose Your Own Adventure Marrakech.pdf
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Best Riads and Hotels for Your Type of Travel
Create Your Own Marrakech Plan
Where to Stay in Marrakech
Monuments and Historical Sites Not to Miss
Marrakech Cooking Classes
Activities to Fill Your Days
Day Trips from Marrakech
Packing for Marrakech
Packing Advice for Women
Packing Advice for Men
Packing Advice for Babies and Kids
Additional Ideas for Morocco with Kids
Transportation Guide
Getting from the Airport to Your Hotel or Riad
Getting from Jemma el Fna to your Riad
Getting around in the city
Going Outside Marrakech
Pool Days in Marrakech
Where to Swim
Shopping Guide
Shopping Insights + Suggestions
Souk Shopping 101
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Buying a Rug in Marrakech
Downloadable Rug Buying Guide
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Bonus Planning Content
History of Marrakech
Learn Some Moroccan Arabic
Where to Eat in Marrakech
Marrakech Dining Guide Full.pdf
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Gluten Free Guide to Marrakech
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Visiting the Hammam
Hammam Download
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Reading Morocco: Books to Inspire
Marrakech with Kids
Souk Scavenger Hunt!
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Morocco Activity Book
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Traveling Morocco
First Timer's Guide to Morocco
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Rabat Travel Guide
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Chefchaouan Travel Guide
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Fez Travel Guide
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